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We thank you for considering Sievwright The White Glove Mover. Our aim is to make your move stress-free and hence a happy, memorable experience for you and your family. Our experienced consultants can explain how we go about taking care of the details for you. However, there are some things you can handle for yourself. The following step-by-step (FAQ) personal checklist system will help you, to help yourself, to an easier move.



Let's take it easy - one thing at a time

Is Sievwright handling the packing? If so, the consultant will advise you what your responsibilities are prior to our team of packers arriving.

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Are you responsible for packing? If so, please make sure you have arranged with us to deliver the packing materials you require in adequate time. You don't want to be still packing when our moving team arrives, do you?

Things To Do Right Now

  • If you are renting, give the owner or agent the required notice.
  • Advise schools of relocation, photocopy childrens school records and carry with you for enrolment in your new location.
  • Advise gas and electricity authorities. Arrange final meter readings and disconnection of utilities and arrange for reconnection at new address.
  • Advise postal service and arrange to have your mail redirected.
  • Advise telephone service and arrange final bill, disconnection of phone and reconnection at your new address.
  • Advise your bank/building society/credit union.
  • Advise electoral register.
  • Advise hire purchase companies, and any other stores where you have accounts.
  • Advise your doctor, dentist, solicitor and clubs.
  • Advise your library, and don’t forget to return those books.
  • Don't be a pack rat. Why pay to move items you no longer want? Start afresh by thoroughly checking your house, including the garage and yard for unwanted items. It's amazing to discover the number of things you don't need. Why not hold a garage sale so your neighbours will have something to remember you by?
  • Try to use up your supply of frozen food and pantry stock, as there is no sense in moving more food than you have to.
  • Check with the manufacturers of your major electrical goods, if there are any special requirements to consider in the forthcoming relocation.
  • Arrange for an electrician to disconnect any special lights or fittings that you would like to take with you.
  • Think ahead! Here's a tip: make a detailed scaled plan of your new home. Think about the placement of your furniture now and save yourself the frustration on moving day. You'll be able to direct efficiently on the day, which is always greatly appreciated by the removal staff.

7 - 10 Days Before The Move

  • If you plan to do some of your own packing, we would suggest that you start now. Ask us for packaging materials and make sure you identify each box carefully with labelling and nominate the room in which it should be placed.
  • Cancel all of your delivery services such as newsagent and florist.
  • Tidy gardens, mow lawns and remove rubbish. It is also wise to empty fuel from mowers, lamps and fuel heaters.
  • Read our safety and hazardous goods page which outlines items which cannot be transported.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of unwanted drugs.
  • Some sound systems have turntables. Secure the arm and protect the needle. Cords should be labelled for identification when reassembling.
  • Make arrangements to move your valuable documents, money and jewellery and remember anything of great value should be carefully itemised and special insurance should be taken out - if neccessary.
  • Collect all things from the cleaners and anything that has been in for repair. Return anything belonging to neighbours and finalise outstanding accounts.
  • Arrange for children to stay with friends or relatives on the big day.
  • Arrange for pets to be transported. Animals hate moving so they need special attention.
  • Discard all cleaning supplies and caustic materials as bottles containing liquids could damage your belongings when transported.
  • Make a list of items not to be moved. Allocate an area for the things that you are not going to take with you.
  • Wash and dry your laundry.

On The Big Day

  • Be sure to tell our men as soon as they arrive whether they may use the drive way or not. They will need to know the same for your new home too.
  • Point out to the men what goods are to be packed and moved. This way they can work out how much space is needed so they can allow enough loading space for fragile items.
  • Tighten all taps.
  • Check gas and electric switches are off.
  • Nothing left lying around the garden?
  • One last look around the house, left anything?
  • Lock windows and doors.
  • Now you can relax. Say farewell to your neighbors. You are on your way to your new home!

At Your New Residence

Send a relative or trusted friend ahead if possible. This way your new home will be open and ready to receive your furniture. Give your representative your scaled map


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