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Helpful information for your move

In order to avoid stress, breakages or damage during your move, we suggest you take a few moments to read the following guidelines if you are packing any cartons yourself.

1. Pack Anything That Can Fit Into a Carton

  • All cupboards and drawers should be emptied and packed into cartons.
  • Clothing should be packed into a carton, not in plastic bags. Bags can break and are difficult to load into the truck. Portable wardrobes are provided for hanging clothes.
  • Do not pack books or paper work into the large standard cartons, as they become too heavy for removalists and the bottom of the cartons can easily collapse.

2. Breakables

  • Plates, microwave plates, platters and glassware should be wrapped and packed in cartons that are cushioned with paper or bubblewrap.
  • Glasses should be packed as they stand on a table (i.e. upright).
  • Plates and bowls should be wrapped, then placed sitting on their edge.
  • Use plenty of crushed paper to avoid any movement within the carton.

3. Accessories

  • Lamps, ornaments and pictures should be well wrapped and packed in a cushioned carton.
  • Light bulbs should be removed from lamps.
  • Knives and sharp items should be clearly labelled by writing on the outside of the carton.

4. Food and Cleaning Products

  • Familiarise yourself with our list of dangerous items that should not be packed.
  • Make sure any foodstuffs or cleaning products are sealed securely (eg, with tape), as they can leak and spoil furniture whilst being transported.
  • Any items you don't feel confident packing, place in an openbox and transport them in your car.

5. Garages/Sheds

  • Small or loose items should be packed in a carton.
  • Heavy tools should be packed in small cartons.
  • Garden tools to be taped or tied together at both ends.
  • Please show the removalists all outdoor items, including plants, so they know
    how much room to allocate because these items often cannot be stacked in the truck.
  • Mowers and gas bottles should be emptied: otherwise these and other flammable items need to be carried in your own

Finally, please be ready and organised on the day, to assist us in making your move stress-free.


Meet the team


Adam is our head supervisor. He has vast experience in our industry and commands respect amongst our removalist teams. Adam's experience, attention to detail and customer focused attitude, will ensure your move is handled 'The White Glove' way.


Goran is a removalist that has exceptional ability in our industry. Goran takes pride in his work and his attention to detail does not go unnoticed by our clients. Fast, efficient and absolute professionalism is what we have come to expect from Goran's wo


Jay is one of our sales consultants and our clients just love him. Jay is always on time and quotes with absolute accuracy and precision. His past "hands on" removal experience ensures his quotes are accurate for both the client and our staff (no under qu


Jill Casset (Senior Supervisor) has been with us for well over 10 years now. She is an expert packer and knows exactly what our clients are looking for... She oversees our large scale work and ensures a perfect pack and unpack on every job... Jill has pac


Denise Hewet (Senior Supervisor) has been with us for well over 10 years. Her expertise and passion for the job does not go unnoticed by our top end clients. Her attention to detail must come from a photographic memory and a genuine care for our clients b


Shane has been with The White Glove Mover for many years and has learnt from the very best in our industry. Shane has mastered all aspects of removals and there is nothing he can not handle. Antiques, fine furniture and pianos are his specialty. Our clien

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