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Our Guarantee


The White Glove Mover holds a current Defined Carriers Accidential Loss & Damage Insurance policy which provides protection for Loss and Damage. Policy and movement terms and conditions apply in all circumstances such as, but not limited to:

  1. Plumbed in items, electrical and electronic equipment or mechanical derangement, unless as a direct result of physical damage [i.e., fridge, washing machine, television].
  2. Client to organise own disconnect & reconnect by a Qualified Tradesperson for plumbed items &/or equipment that had required professional installation, including but not limited to plumbed in fridges, washing machines, wall mounted televisions, etc.
  3. The disassembly and re-assembly of flat pack &/or custom made furniture.
  4. For damage to laptops, computer hard drive &/or loss of intellectual stored data.
  5. For jewellery, watches, mobiles, keys, remote controls or valuable personal belongings.
  6. Sets &/or pairs - repair &/or replacement to apply for damaged item only.
  7. For frozen or perishable food items.
  8. To newly laid concrete driveways [within 3 months of the concrete pour].
  9. For damage to stoneware [i.e., marble, granite, travertine, concrete, earthen ware]. Custom made crates for such items must be organised prior to moving & valuations of the crated goods be declared in writing, if insurance cover is to be provided under our policy.
  10. On boxed items, which are not packed by “The White Glove Mover”.
  11. For property where there is an inherent weakness - any such flaw must be advised, identified & noted prior to moving.
  12. If total consignment valuations are not provided &/or expensive items are not disclosed to “The White Glove Mover” prior to the move, cover for artwork, collectibles, sculptures & designer goods (including clothing, shoes & handbags) will be limited to $1,000 per item.
  13. For artwork that is not export wrapped (special protective material) by "The White Glove Mover" staff. If however artwork is not export wrapped, then "The White Glove Mover" can wrap artwork in furniture pads on moving day but this does not provide insurance cover for glass breakage, damage to frames or the actual canvas of the artwork.
  14. Expensive artwork valuations are required to be declared and this will be required, so as to determine if a custom made crate is required OR additional insurance coverage may be required.
  15. Damage to flooring (be it floorboards or carpet) if the outside areas of your residence is unpaved, muddy, contain loose gravel or uncured/unsealed.

Customer claims of physical loss and damage must be directed to "The White Glove Mover in writing no later than 48 hours of the completion of the move and for which :The White Glove Mover" accepts responsibility. It is the customer's responsibility at the completion of the service, to check that everything is delivered, accounted for and that there is no physical damage that is apparent, whilst "The White Glove Mover" staff are still on site.

'The White Glove Mover" has had this insurance policy in place for approx. 30 years, with some terms and conditions altering slightly. Should you have any further questions on the level of coverage held by                "The White Glove Mover" when considering your forthcoming move, please contact PSC Insurance Solutions  on 03) 9552 0626 to discuss further.





POLICY NO: 201606-2229 R4 BIA
INSURANCE TYPE: Public and Products Liability
POLICY WORDING: Steadfast GL 1 - 2014
THE INSURED: Snickers Pty Ltd T/as The White Glove Mover
Brighton VIC 3186 AUSTRALIA
BUSINESS: Domestic and Light Commercial Removals, contract storage and administration, Property Owners
POLICY PERIOD: From: 30/06/2020 4pm To: 30/06/2021 4pm
Both days inclusive (Local Standard Time)
Public Liability $20,000,000 any one Occurrence
Products Liability $20,000,000 any one Occurrence and in the aggregate any one Period of Insurance
Care Custody Control Endorsement (250k) - Steadfast GL 1 - 2014
Goods in Transit Exclusion - Steadfast GL 1 - 2014v2
Personal Injury to Contractors, Sub Contractors and Labour Hire Excess Endorsement -
Steadfast GL 1 - 2014v2
Sub Contractors Condition $10m Limit - Steadfast GL 1 - 2014v2



We wish to take this opportunity to advise that The White Glove Mover do not pack or take responsibility for the following items listed below.

Claims are to be made in writing with 48 hours of the move - it is deemed the clients responsibility to check for any damage to all furniture items, artwork, the contents of fragile packed cartons, as well as any damage to walls / flooring of your old and new residence.

  • WE DO NOT PACK - Legal and personal documentation such as passports,
    insurance papers, wills etc.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Jewellery/ Watches/ Valuable collector items such as coins or stamp collections etc.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Money, cheque books or credit cards. WE DO NOT PACK -Medical records or medicine.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Digital cameras, I-Pods, lap top computers or mobile phones. WE DO NOT PACK -Handbags and wallets.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Keys to buildings or furniture, such as desks, cabinets and motor vehicles.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Remote controls to electronic items, gates or doors.
  • WE DO NOT PACK - Items that have an inherent weakness or pre-existing damage. (Unless such items are declared at the time of booking our service).

The above mentioned items are not covered under our insurance policy.

We ask that you contact our insurance broker Chris Kourtis of PSC Insurance Solutions on (03) 9552 0626 for any further explanation of our coverage, including any of the listed exclusions or limitations to the insurance we provide.

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