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Make your move stress free


We thank you for considering Sievwright The White Glove Mover. Our aim is to make your move trauma-free and hence a happy, memorable experience for you and your family. Our experienced consultants can explain how we go about taking care of the details for you.  However, there are some things you must handle for yourself.  The following step by step personal checklist system will assist in making your relocation easier.



Let's take it easy - one thing at a time

Is Sievwright The White Glove Mover handling the packing and unpacking?  If so, the consultant will advise what your responsibilities are, prior to our White Glove ladies arriving. Or, are your responsible for the packing? If so, please make sure you have arranged for the packing materials you require in adequate time. You don't want to still be packing when our moving team arrive to move you out, do you? Delays on moving day, could involve extra charges.

Things To Do Right Now

  • If you are renting, advise the owner or agent with the required notice.
  • Advise the gas, electricity and water authorities. Arrange final meter readings and disconnection of utilities and arrange for the reconnection at your new address.
  • Advise Australia Post (get your mail redirected if required).
  • Advise your phone service.
  • Advise your bank and / or other financial institutions.
  • Advise the Electoral Register and / or Vic Roads.
  • Advise hire purchase companies, and any other stores where you have accounts.
  • Advise your doctor, dentist, solicitor and clubs.
  • Don't be a 'pack rat'. Why pay more to move items you no longer want? Start fresh, tour your house inside and out, including the garage and back yard. It's amazing - you will discover a number of items you don't need.
  • Try to use up your supply of frozen food and opened pantry stock.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your fridge, washing machine, dryer and other electrical applicances to see if there are any special procedures required for relocating each item.
  • Measure spaces to ensure your furniture will fit. Will large items fit through doors, into lifts, or up stair cases? Can items be dismantled either by you or the removalist to make the job easier?

7 - 10 Days Before The Move

  • If you plan to do some of your own packing, we would suggest that you start now. Make sure you identify / label each carton carefully, and nominate the room in which it should be placed.
  • It is suggested that we handle any breakable packing - this ensures that our insurance guarantee covers your most treasured possessions.
  • Cancel all of your delivery services.
  • Tidy gardens, cut lawns, remove rubbish, empty fuel from mowers and gas from BBQ cylinders.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of unwanted drugs.
  • Make arrangements to move your valuable documents, money and jewellery and remember anything of great value should be disclosed to us, to ensure our insurance covers such items.
  • Collect all things from the dry cleaners and anything that has been in for repair. Return anything belonging to neighbours and finalise outstanding accounts.
  • Arrange for children to stay with friends or relatives on the big day.
  • Arrange for pets to be transported. Animals hate moving so they need special attention.
  • Discard opened cleaning supplies, caustic materials, opened bottles cointaining liquid or any other which, if moved, could damage your belongings.
  • Confirm key collection and settlement times with real estate agents and / or lawyers.
  • Make a list of items to be moved. Allocate an area for the things that you are not going to take with you.

On The Big Day

Be sure to tell our removalists as soon as they arrive, whether they may use the driveway or not. (They will want to know this for your new home too).

  • Point out to our removalists what goods are to be packed and moved.  This way they can work out how much space is needed, so they can allow enough loading space for fragile items.
  • Tighten all taps. This is particularly relevant when your washing machine, dishwasher or plumbed in fridge are disconnected.
  • Check gas and electric switches are off.
  • Nothing left lying around the garden, garden shed, under the stairs or in the attic?
  • One last look around the house - left anything?
  • Lock windows and doors.
  • 'Farewell' your neighbours - you are on your way to your new home.

At Your New Residence

  • Send a relative or trusted friend ahead if possible. This way your new home will be open and ready to receive your furniture. They can show the removalists where everything is to be placed and instruct our White Glove unpacking ladies, should you be held up for any unforeseen reason.
  • Ensure you understake the final 'walk through' of your new residence with the removalists, to ensure everything is in place, and accounted for.
  • If you are getting unpacked by The White Glove Mover, the ladies will have everything sorted for you.  Everything will be put away and packing materials removed, ready for collection the next day.
  • Finally, farewell 'The White Glove' team, shut the door and begin your new life journey!  Enjoy your new home.
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